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Its good to be teen

Gay 18+ Galleries Its good to be teen.

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T here are some people who claim they enjoyed their teenage years. These people say — and I swear this is true: They are not my people.

I was not good at being a teenager. I lacked both the fearless sense of rebellion and the carefree desire for fun you need. My teenage years were spent alternately hiding in my room because I was so miserable and anxious about everything and nothing, and hiding in various psychiatric hospitals when that misery became life-threatening.

From sexting to cyberbullying to...

Like I said, Ferris Bueller I was not. Ever since movies, pop music and TV started mythologising the teenage years in the s, there has been a sense that those years matter enormously. From James Dean to John Hughes, pop culture has pushed the idea that being a teenager has some kind of mythic grandeur to it, and that if you do it right Its good to be teen will resonate into your adult life — save you, even, from the banality of becoming average.

Good behaviour in teenagers starts...

Your teenage years are when you forge the person you will be, the cliche goes, when you learn how to drink alcohol, have sex — not be a child, in other words. But all I did with mine was hide from the world.

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Well, teenagers of the 21st century, I am here to tell you something: You will be an adult for far longer than you were a teenager, and any adult who considers their teenage years to have been their peak is always a bit odd.

The only man who ever said that to me was a year-old snowboarding instructor who went by the name of Malibu and pursued year-old girls. So there you go. Who you are now Its good to be teen not who you will be.

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How I wish someone had told me that. And despite what pop culture might tell you, who you are now is not the best of you. You are still clay, taking shape; no wonder you feel disoriented.

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If you are the kind of teenager I was, or perhaps a less extreme version, let me tell you something else: But I do have three pieces of advice for making it pass a little more painlessly. Without me, that would not exist.

Second, do things just for you. But try to do as much as possible just for yourself, not external validation: Finally, remember that you are currently wearing teenager goggles.

Grief comes in five stages....

Your confusion is not misplaced; this really is the weirdest time of your life. Topics Life and style Hadley Freeman's Weekend column.

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For teenagers, good friends can...

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Good behaviour in teenagers starts with communication and positive Whether it's an argument with your child or a disagreement with your partner, using.

From sexting to cyberbullying to FOMO, social media has its share of negatives. But, if it's all bad, how did 2, students protest their school.

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For teenagers, good friends can be like a personal support group. It's also important for your child to see you looking out for your friends, and showing that.

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