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Fireman deputy plough

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to stop at the platform...

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The accident, the worst ever on the London Underground during peacetime, occurred when a southbound Northern City Line train from Drayton Park failed to stop at the platform and ploughed into the concrete wall at the end of the tunnel at Moorgate station.

When rescuers reached the platform they found the front three carriages had been crushed together and the station in total darkness. National Archives files detail the size of the six day rescue operation, which involved 1, firefighters, police Fireman deputy plough, 80 ambulance workers, 16 doctors and numerous volunteers.

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He arrived around hours on the morning of the incident. At the time, we didn't know how many people there were or what condition they were in.

He made his way through a 2ft gap between the tunnel wall and the side of the train. As he advanced past the first carriage, Steve found crews had already started working to release people trapped in the wreckage.