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Some of the prison slang terms used in my articles and what they mean in my corner of the world. This is part of a series of articles. For a complete listing please go to the Table of Contents. The Jail or The Hole.

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In any upper and lower bunk situation, this is a person you share a bunk bed with. Another name for the officers station in any prison dorm. Another name for any prison, since prisons are often referred to as work camps even though, at least in my state, only a handful of inmates are assigned work such as cleaning trash off highways or mowing rights-of-way.

A prison with a high proportion of inmates who were transferred after checking in see below at another prison, usually a Fucked-up Camp. A prison with a high level of violence and gang activity. Such prisons generally offer very few educational, job training, or recreational programs. The term can also refer to any prison that the speaker dislikes. In this story, River CI was a fucked-up camp.

Opinions were divided on whether Swift Annex was fucked-up. A prison designated by the state as a place suitable for psych inmates. As a result there will be a higher proportion of inmates with mental disturbances and problems.

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Hayes CI became a psych camp. A prison with a low level of violence and gang activity, offering greater access to educational, job training, and recreational programs. The term can also refer to any prison that the speaker likes. In this story, Hayes CI was always considered a sweet camp even after it became a psych camp. Requesting to be transferred to The Box for protective custody. Whether in prison or on the street, the average American blithely assumes that every sex offender is automatically a chomo, making absolutely no distinction between a person who may have viewed a single online photo vs.

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A prison committee responsible for inmate job assignments. Also responsible for recommending transfers for inmates who have checked in to The Box.

Getting on the Door. While in a locked down cell such as in The Boxstanding against the door for an extended period and yelling in order to have a conversation or argument with an inmate in a different cell. When a prisoner exhibits psychotic behavior such that he needs to be transferred to a psych wing or even a separate psych prison.

Sometimes inmates do this on purpose. Masturbating in front of someone. In prison it specifically means in front of a presumably female correctional officer.

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On the outside it could be in front of your girlfriend or anyone. The name prison inmates have given to the rumor mill and conspiracy theories that swirl around every prison in America. In my state these Inmate Packages can be purchased twice per year either from an internet website or using an number.