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How often do you get to see Asian travel bloggers being featured in this kind of article? Not often enough, I would say.

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Asians have been backpacking for the longest time, but for some reasons, we have never really been integrated well with the Western-dominant travel community. Could it be that some Asian ass us do not seek to be integrated, or is it the fact that we do not have enough role models to look up to? For this article, I have featured 12 Kick-Ass Asian travel bloggers that will completely change your perspective on Asian travelers, but first, let's begin with the reason behind why I decided to write this article.

As a solo Asian ass backpacker, I have been trying my best to integrate with the "global" backpacking community. At times, I thought that I did quite well being among other backpackers, but sometimes, I thought to myself, "why do I have to try so hard?

It all boils down to the fact that we lack a platform to show off our voice and pride of being an Asian traveler.

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Though the Asian stereotypes will not disappear in a day, I hope that by featuring these awesome Asian travel bloggers that have been kicking asses all over the world will Asian ass shape the perspective of Asian travelers away from the usual none-English-speaking, selfie-stick-wielding tropes we have come to be known for.

As traveling becomes more and more accessible and English is becoming more widely spoken, especially in the poorer parts of the world, we will Asian ass more people of colors Asians, Africans etc.

Speaking from experience as a solo Asian backpacker, it can be quite intimidating for us to walk into a hostel and start a random conversation with people like most western people do and we may feel like we don't belong there.

That is why this article is so important to us. All the travel bloggers I listed here are the living proof that we can do it as well or Asian ass better. It shows that our perspectives and our contributions to the travel community matter. It shows that we can also be a part of the community and help shape it for the future travelers that have yet to join.

This article is not just for Asians but for all who are interested to hear our perspective of traveling. I hope this article will inspire both Western and Asian travelers to create more unique travel content for the world to see.

Nellie, a Singaporean born adventure travel blogger, has been in the traveling business since I have been Asian ass her blog, WildJunketa popular travel source focusing on adventurous Asian ass like Afghanistan and Iran, for as long as I could remember.

Her goal, which I also share, is to travel to every country in the world and she is pretty damn close to achieving it with countries under her belt and counting. If she isn't the most badass Asian travel Asian ass out there, I don't know who is!

One of my favorite Asian travel bloggers out there, Aileen has always been an inspiration to me.